Selfie – part 2

Looking good – let me take a selfie 

looking weird – let me take a selfie 

eating food (wow) – let me take a selfie 

peeing -let me take a selfie (common people , give us a break really )



Enter a party

Step 1- greet the host

step 2- take lots of selfie’s

step 3- come back home 

step 4- upload them on social networking sites

wonder where did the good old days went when people used to go to outings and parties to enjoy and socialize in real life rather than just taking those stupid pictures . ( for those people who do this a lot ….warning – u are a party spoiler) an believe me we are surrounded by so many 

excess of everything Is really bad . Don’t take me wrong , I am not an anti-selfie person, it’s good once on a while to take pictures here and there for memories , but making it your sole moto for wntire existence is alarming. 


It is not so uncommon to stop a group of youngsters hanging out together yet alone , all engrossed in their ‘smart phones ‘(which apparently are making them dumb).



Social media dia specially the pictures have become the only means of elevating the self esteem of the youth , which is so false and turning out to be more dangerous for them (cause dude , u are definitely looking onto blank space )

please go get a life and start working on it, believe me , nobody cares what how your lunch looks , hoe sleepy you are right now , what u look like while crying 


The creators of ‘tech -free holidays ‘ u are so gonna get rich now 

we have the demand and u supply …..I sense money raining 

good luck 


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