Holding grudges

Yeah … Not a really good option .
So, u had an argument , a fight or maybe more but lingering on …… Not a good idea

Get over the fact and move on. Ur body is your temple and ur mind is the worshiper . None should be allowed to enter either if them without your permission.





By constantly thinking and rethinking the act , u are letting the other win which u obviously don’t want. No one should be able to conquer yourself but U and only U. Holding a grudge, getting angry , wasting productive time for someone who doesn’t even matter that much is helping them destroying u even further. Thereby u are fighting from their side against yourself . So take it light ( I know that might be difficult….. Believe me takes a lot if practise ) and just let it go.

Once u have conquered this all u will do is feeling sorry for the other person and yourself greeting more productive by day and night



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