love *no conditions applied

I realised when u are in love , u tend to do a lot of stuff
Just to make the ones u love happy
I can never be angry over mom again that she didn’t pursue her goals more or put herself before us
Cause she had us and she loved us
I guess that’s what’s u do when u love
U lose yourself in love
U destroy and burn yourself to light up another life

Finally after all these years
I get love
I realise love

It’s a feeling like no other
It’s always putting another one first
Always sacrificing
And if u get another one with the same thought process for u
Then it’s gold
Never let them go
Love is either selfless or it isn’t love anyday
We all have ways to express our love
It’s the effort that counts and maybe the race to be no 1 in the life of the people u love.Whoever wins the race
Gets to be on the top
It’s a daily struggle to prove your worth
To be worthy of the love

We all have ways to show our love
It might be as large as Hosting a feast for the people we love or organising their house
Or as simple as drawing them a card
Or a good night text
It’s who we are and how we choose to show our love
But it’s not the same with mom
U can be an absolute trash
And she would still choose to love u

U might not call her everyday
But when u are in need
She would be the one person
U would want to run to

That’s mom
Value her the most u can
Cause she’s the one person who wouldn’t ever turn her back on u

She’s MOM
Love – no conditions applied

Plight of the unreserved (UR)

No it’s not a privilege of any kind I must assure u!

Since the day u started to read and write , u are taught to work hard cause u don’t have any kind of reservation . Yeah that’s the scenario


nobody cares if u die , cause u don’t constitute a so called ‘ vote bank ‘ hence no politics over your issues


if u are economically weaker section . Then forget about a good school or college leave alone a government job . Cause your merit won’t decide your future , your caste will . YES and u will be left starving unable to feed your family cause some rich person from the reserved category with a lover merit will surely take your place


its high time to think whether and who is this reservation system is actually benefiting and harming at by and large.

-an aspiring post graduate student ( whose future is at stake )

The endless wait


And yet another night I wonder,
Can’t u even feel my emotions thunder

How can u sleep,
When I am feeling so weak

The calmness on your face,
Has no clue of the tornadoes I chase

The same story always repeats,
All I do is count my heart beats

Wonder if u will ever know,
The pain inside me that grows

Seems like u don’t care at all,
It’s been so long after all .

What time really does to relationships


Takes away your innocence ,
All u can do now is have patience

Takes away your beauty ,
And u are no longer his cutie

Take away the care
Maybe due to to the grey hair

Takes away your charm ,
One fine day u will think to yourself what’s really the harm

Takes away the love ,
So that u can easily be thrown like a glove

Takes away the expectations ,
And the life is full of frustration

Takes away the feelings
And u are up all night staring at the ceiling

Takes away all the romance
It’s all an empty stance

But before u end that life ,
With that knife
Remember u are not only his wife ,
But also an elixir of life

The realisation

imageDrifting away into wonderland ?

The realisation :
All The heart want is to meet,
But now even the talks are so small and sweet

Ears longed to hear your lovely voice,
All i was left with was a miserable choice

To be or not to be was the question
Followed with Nothing but hollow expectation

Giving me hopes of better sunny days,
When all that happens; is just rains

And I lay here thinking of u,
Wishing u could just get a small clue

No matter what I do or say
At the end of the day
It is nothing but pain
And all the efforts are again in vain

No wonder college days are the best

imageGraduation over
And seems like a new beginning altogether

It scares me to think that no more college , no more classes
The college parting songs have just started to make sense – yaad aayengein yeh pal
To part with friends is a thing none of us thought about until lately

This post is dedicated to all my friends πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬ near and now far :

To laugh together πŸ˜ƒ, and cry too 😭
To increase happiness☺️ , and washing away sadness πŸ˜”
To share it all , and hide a few 😷
To The long trips we took 🌊, and the other ones we missed tooπŸ—»
To the best friends we made , And those we fought with too
To the big open laughter , and the hidden inner jokes too

We were just having fun ,
Who though we would make such beautiful memories together

Just wishing we can carry the bond from here to the future
Looking forward to many many such wonderful moments in life with u people
And waiting for great successes and achievements news πŸ™πŸ»

Ur social timeline


So well U send me this friend request
That’s also just possible cause we have some mutual friends otherwise (God knows how 😝)

So well yes I am not going to accept it /or not that’s one thing
But surely I will browse through Ur timeline
(Well if u really are hot enough what’s the harm in checking out some 😈😁)

So what does Ur timeline say about u

The show off :πŸ’°
All / most of Ur pictures and selfies flauting in front of Ur mirror
Flaunting Ur frequent change of expensive iphone
Dude seriously …chuck it
And over and above if most of them are solos definitely screening
DUDE! Get a life …like seriously

The crazy ones :πŸ˜πŸ»πŸŽ‰
All U do is part , drink , vacation , party
And don’t work cause Ur dad has a fortune or something
We’ll certainly not my type
Who needs education these days ? Not important right 😏

The hopelessly romantic :❀️
Ur feeds are filled with all the romance of the world
There is no end to the β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ’‹
In Ur feeds
All pictures and posts U share are about love with some about betrayal in between
The normal graph for any relationship
So U already have someone Good have fun
Don’t bother me seriously

The grammar king :πŸŽ“πŸ“‡
All U CaN TyPe iS liKe ThIs
Seriously … Slow claps πŸ‘
So difficult to write, I mean I got tired already
And uncomfortable to read also

The most common guys I come across
The feed on girls section will be out soon watch this space for more

Never missing – part 2

imageIt’s been days since

I am waiting for Ur calls

no reply to my messages
it’s almost fall

Probably this message will miss Ur eye
Seeing my name will be no reply

But I have no other means of reaching U
All that I write here is not out of the blue

Yes there is something wrong
U are all that I think about all day long

I think we are done
But my heart fails to give up the runimage

No more …no more

No more guy friends U said -I sent them away

No more partying U said- I sent back the invites

No more arguments U said – I stopped thinking

No more hanging out with friends U said – I turned them down

No more crying U said – I buried my tears in my pillow

No more messages U said- I deleted what’s app

No more calls U said – I stopped paying the bills

Finally one day no more US U said –

I wanted to say no
But out of habit just nodded in yes


Memory lane -part 2

Yes going through old stuff is very pleasing

as I gathered a lot of courage to sort my old drawers , I came across my card folder


yes good old days ..

when cards were used for expression rather than emoticons

As I began flipping through them one by one ,

I found myself walking down the memory lane

Checking through the cards , the names, remembering some easily and some with great difficulty .

Time passed so fast as I was day dreaming lost in my early school and college memories

Whoever said cards were waste seriously needs to flip through Them 5-10 years later to realise what they can do to Ur mind and mood

I am nostalgic , happy , sad all at the same time

Cause yes I lived the years of special Birthday , new year and friendship day wishes in some hours

Relive 😍☺️